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The Art of Cyberflirting
Online Dating Etiquette
Example Profiles
Making the First Move
The Art of Cyberflirting

Want to bag a mate using online dating but not sure how to do it? You can drive him wild even though batting your eyelashes and flicking your hair won’t do a thing.

The cyberflirt in you

Online dating is great fun and that’s why you need to be able to tap into your inner flirt. Anyone can have a conversation online but flirting is another issue entirely. Think about it. When you meet a man in a bar or at a dinner party you flirt using body language and eye contact. Neither of those is of any use dating online. Here, you have to rely on timing, personality and instinct. The golden rule is this: have fun, be natural and listen to your inner voice. Then let your inner cyberflirt take over!

Flutter your virtual eyelashes

Making the first move is the online equivalent of fluttering your eyelashes. Your initial communication should be short, sweet and simple. Compliment your prospect by highlighting something you’ve seen in their profile. Before you sign off include an intriguing fact about yourself. Be mysterious – everyone likes a challenge. If he doesn’t respond, don’t worry, he’s simply not the one for you!

Hitting your stride

This is the point at which, if you were in a bar, he’d be buying you a drink. So, once you’ve hooked his interest, you have to keep it. Since you can’t lean into his personal space, play with your hair or flash that lovely smile, your words must really do the flirting. If you want to continue the conversation, make sure that your email or Instant Message ends with a question. It will show you’re interested and he’ll be eager to reply.

Timing is everything

There’s no point rushing things. After all, the mystery of someone new can only last so long. Enjoy it. Tease your potential partner – make him wait for your response. Keep him hanging for a few hours or a day. He’ll be desperate to hear from you by then and you won’t seem over-eager or needy.

Play it cool – and have fun!

Flirting online doesn’t mean using overt sexual come-ons – far from it. Try to be as natural as possible and allow your personality to emerge. Don’t be afraid of asking personal questions, but don’t get too heavy. If you’ve found someone you can bond with, your conversation will come easily. Be cheeky, be playful and above all, have fun. After all, that’s what flirting is all about!