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In this article I will go over some of the positions and techniques from the Kama Sutra. You need an open mind before reading this article, Kama Sutra is a strange business. This ancient Indian book of passion lists literally hundreds of positions that were discovered to help both men and women please each other in every possible way. Let's begin with lying down positions. The first position I would like to tell you about is called Ratisundara, or Aphrodite's Delight. With this position you would gently grasp your partner's feet. Slowly, you would raise them until they touch her breasts. Her legs will form a sort of rough looking circle. Taking your other hand, clasp her neck and proceed to have sex with her.

The next position I would like to tell you about is called Manmathpriya, or Dear To Cupid. Allow your female partner to lie flat on her back. As you move towards her, sit between her knees(which are now parted). Slowly raise her legs at the knees so that her feet will be hooked over your thighs. Grasping both of her breasts, you slide your cock inside of her and enjoy. The final lying down position I want to tell you about is called Madandhvaja, or Flag Of Cupid. In this position you would take hold of your partner's ankles and raise her slightly. Spreading her thighs widely, speak romantic words to her as you slide your stiff cock directly into her. Now I will go over a few sitting positions. The first sitting position I would like to tell you about is called Dolita (Swing) . Sit in your bed facing your partner.

Her breasts should be pressed firmly against your chest. You would then both place your legs around each other's waists and lock your heels. Lean back and grasp each other's wrists. Slowly begin to move or swing back and forth. The female would cling onto her male partner pretending to be afraid, yet moaning with pleasure. The second sitting position I would like to tell you about is called Kaurma, or The Tortoise. In this position you will, once again, be sitting face to face. Allow your toes to caress your partner's breasts and nipples. Her feet will be pressed firmly against your chest. Hold each other's hands and proceed to make love. The final sitting position I would like to tell you about is called Padma, or The Lotus. In this position you would take hold of your partner's ankles and place them around your neck, crossing her ankles to lock them in place. She would then hold tight to her feet as you have sex.

Now I will tell you how to take your partner "from behind" the Kama Sutra way. The first position I would like to tell you about is called Marjara, or The Cat. In this position, your female partner would lie on her stomach. You would then take both of her ankles in one hand and raise them high. As you begin to have sex, take your other hand and tilt her chin back. The next rear entry position I would like to go over is called Traivikrama, or The Stride. Your partner would raise herself off of the floor with both her palms and her feet. Standing behind her, lift one of her feet to your shoulder. Slide yourself inside her, and enjoy.

The final rear entry position I will tell you about is called Ekabandha, or One Knot. In this position you would kneel on one knee, sort of in a proposal or archery position. You would then take her onto your lap and bend her forward until her breasts are pressed firmly against her thighs. You would then begin to have sex. The next set of positions I would like to tell you about are done standing up. The first position I would like to tell you about is called Tala, or The Palm. Allow your partner to stand against the wall with her hands placed on her hips, and her fingers towards her belly. Place her foot in your palm, while leaving your other hand free to caress her skin. Place your arm around her neck and enjoy each other as she leans back with ease.

The second standing up position I would like to tell you about is called Avalambitaka, or Suspended. Clasp your hands together and allow your partner to sit in your arms as you cradle her. As her arms wrap around your next, her legs will wrap around your waist, and her feet will push back and forth against a wall. The third and last position I would like to talk to you about is called Janukurpara, or The Knee Elbow. In this position you would place your elbows under your partner's knees, raising her up as you grab onto her butt. Your partner would then hang fearfully from your neck as you penetrate her deeply.

Now I would like to tell you about a couple of Kama Sutra sex aids. The first sex aid requires that a man anoints his penis with honey. Then sprinkles powdered black pepper, long pepper, and the green thorn apple(datura) onto it. This spicy combination is said to leave your lover trembling. To increase potency, drink milk sweetened with honey and simmered with the testicles of a goat or ram (nice...).

Another combination to increase potency is four wheat-flour cakes baked with sugar and honey and sprinkled with powdered pumpkin and cowhage seeds. This is said to give a man strength for a thousand women. There are many more combinations and positions listed in the Kama Sutra than I have written about here in this article. This has been only a brief peek at what the Kama Sutra has to offer you and your partner. Practicing the positions and techniques written in the Kama Sutra will certainly spice things up in the bedroom.

Be patient with Kama Sutra when you try it, not only does it require patience, but it may take time for you to "get it right" Don't allow yourself to become frustrated. Just take a deep breath and think about how vast your reward will be once you finally do master the art of the Kama Sutra.Check out the Orgasmic Kama Sutra for more in-depth information.