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Romatic thing your boyfriend did
Judge a Man Based Upon - Kiss

I think this is one of the areas that the mind set is different for men and women. For a man, it depends on the length of a relationship. If they know it will be short term, trust and communication isn't really an issue. They know all they are in it for is the sex and they know that it will be over in a small amount of time. On the other hand, women see it differently. I think some of it is because they were taught as kids to be afraid of men. They are told to be on the look out for strangers or people who might harm them. Think about it... How many times do you hear of a woman raping a child? Not very often.

I do think this plays into the mind set of a woman. She will need someone she can trust and communicate with to have sex. Now, I don't mean that this is the case with a one night stand or someone that she has casual sex with. Instead, this is in regards to a relationship. You see, women view all relationships as a strong bond. Being that this is the case, even for a short term relationship she needs to have trust and communication to have sex.

Let's talk about trust for a little while. You might not like what I have to say, but that is your choice.

- Women have a reason why they shouldn't trust men. Actually, they have a lot of reasons. On one hand I feel that this is a sad thing, but on the other hand I understand it. I understand the sexual desires of a man and I understand why they think they way they do.

- We all are looking to get a woman in bed. We all want to get our freak on as much as we can. Women know this. This is a reason why she doesn't trust men. She knows that men will say anything and I mean anything to get in her pants. How many times have you lied trying to get into a girls pants? Probably more times than you can count.

- Again the issue with the girls that get raped while they are kids. This does put a lot of fear into a woman at an early age. Also, people rape adults. So they are constantly on the look out for the person who is going to rape them. It does happen, more so than what we may think. It is a sad state in this world when men have to rape a woman to have sex. Personally if I was in such a situation, I would rent a porn movie and jerk off.

- Women sometimes don't trust men because their fathers were abusive. This has more of an effect on women than we would like to think. A lot of people have had abusive childhoods. It is more common than we think.

- If you are out for a quick lay, I'm not sure that it is worth the effort to try to figure out why a potential date or even your current girlfriend has issues with trusting you. I mean, if you are only looking for sex and she isn't giving it to you, why stick around?

- If on the other hand you are looking for a long term relationship with this woman, then you should take the time out to know why she is the way she is. She might have been abused or raped sometime in her life. It is important to know this, but I wouldn't dig too deep.

- If you have to dig deep about what bothers her about men, chances are she doesn't want you or anyone else to know. It is possible that after she feels more comfortable with you, she will tell you. On the other hand, she might just think you are an asshole.

- People can be very timid in regards to telling others about their problems. They are afraid they may laugh at them or hold it against them. This does happen. You might not think about it, but some men won't even touch a woman who has been raped. They don't understand that it wasn't their fault, all they think about is the dirty act and how dirty they must be.

This is why it is important that you keep an open line of communication with your woman. She needs to know that she can talk about anything and everything to you. The next time she talks about her period, don't go ape shit and tell her that it is disgusting. Put up with it and ask questions if you need to. This is the key thing if you want her to trust you.

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