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Romatic thing your boyfriend did
Judge a Man Based Upon - Kiss

What's the best first date you've ever been on? Or, what would be an ideal and memorable first date?

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I think where you meet on a first date is really important. If I don't know the guy, like a blind date, I would like to meet in a public place so IF I didn't like the way it was going I could leave by myself and NOT be afraid of him knowing where I lived. If I knew the guy, I would like to be picked up at home and taken to a movie or something like that, so after the date we could talk about what went on. A nice slow quiet walk would be nice. I am not one for flowers or candy. That is so material. Something given from the heart is more my style. Win me a stuffed animal or something like that at the street fairs. A good night kiss in important, but don't expect to be in my bed in the morning. One date, no matter how good isn't good enough for that.

I think the best first date would be going out and HAVING FUN. Acting like friends before any real physical contact. It shouldn't be too serious, nor too free-style. It shouldn't be with the guy's friends, because that may leave the girl feeling uncomfortable. I definitely think that the having fun and not being too serious is the most important issue.

My boyfriend has never been very smooth. Our first date was to a formal dance- our high school's homecoming. He asked me out the week before, and I wasn't even planning on going- I didn't even have a dress, but I accepted. Needless to say, it wasn't the most perfect or romantic evening of my life. The restaurant we ate at had horrible service (which by the way was barely a step above McDonalds), and my dress tore at the strap.

You must be wondering why I chose this story to be the best first date I'd ever been on. To tell you the truth, that evening was "the beginning to a beautiful relationship." I've been with Nathan now for over a year, which is a long time considering I'm only 19, and I'm not planning to end it anytime soon. He may not be the "Don Juan" of my dreams, but I love him just the same. The moral of the story is that even though you might not get off to a good start, there's still hope, guys. If the relationship was ever meant to be, in any sense, things will pull through. Besides, some girls like big dumb geeks.

My lady's opinion on the first date should be to have fun. Dates do not always have to be at night. I love to go for a drive during the day especially to the beach. I especially love it if they have a motorcycle. Motorcycles are a passion of mine.

A lady's opinion on love at first sight????? How about friends first and conversation to find common ground first especially in a work situation. Nothing like a group of people going out for coffee after work.

The best first date I have ever been on was when a guy friend from school had a birthday and I got him Billy Madison because he loves adam sandler. He asked if I had ever seen it and I said no. Two days later he pulled up to my house at seven and said I was to come with him. We went back to his house where he had set up his home theatre system with the movie in it and had made a great dinner (his father was a chef) and decorated the entire house. He looked great and it smelled great and the dinner was wonderful and the movie was hilarious and it was totally unexpected. I loved it.

somewhere quiet. maybe a small private type of restaurant, where none of your friends are going to be at. don't go to a common hang-out. go to a place where you can hear yourself think. where u can continue to access the situation between both. some place where u can take a good long look at him/her and wonder and ask u'rself if he's/she's what u want, and if he/she wants u while having a drink; listening to soft music.

A great first date? Wow. Let me think on this a bit. I would imagine, if the man had a good personality and could keep some type of an intelligent conversation, dinner would be great. Not too romantic, but just enough to let me know that's he's totally into me. Quiet conversation in a quieter, more upper-class restaurant. Let me get to know you, but the option of eating gives us time to think up questions and things to talk about. It's a great way to start things off, and really give us your true impression of what you're like. We see your physical features, and your true personality as well.

The best first date I went on was to a co-worker's wedding. At the time, my boyfriend (now husband) & I were having an office romance that we had to keep quiet. It was our actual first date even though we had been together (secretly) for several weeks. It was exciting dancing together at the reception and having everyone watch us together.

Just COFFEE or a DRINK! Guys seem to think they have to do dinner for a first date. It is too costly, time consuming and awful if the date is a dud. A short first meeting is better because you can both leave quickly if the vibes are wrong. This particularly applies to a blind date or dating service set-up. If it is someone you are already acquainted with the coffee/drink thing still applies because there is less stress and if no positive vibes then it can just be a friendly get-together.

My ideal first date would involve a nice round of miniature golf game, dinner at red lobster, and ending it with coffee at small secluded coffee shop where we could talk the night away.

The best first date I ever went on was on a warm summer night. He picked me up around seven and blindfolded me. When we got to our destination we were at a secluded part of a park by the lake. There was romantic music playing on a CD player, candles all around a big blanket. He even showed up in a tuxedo. There was a gourmet meal with great wine and his best silverware. I could tell he put a lot of thought and planning into our evening. We spent the night looking at the stars and dancing on the grass. Least to say it made me feel GREAT that he put so much thought and time into his evening with me, and while are not together anymore that is one date I will never forget.

Volunteering together at the local mission or with an outreach program from the city or something. There is a bond that is quickly established when you spend the day or a few hours helping others together. Plus, you can often see each other at your best and worst in the matter of a few minutes! It is important to me to see the real guy, not someone out to knock me off my feet every second! (And yes, I know some of you are that clumsy...!)

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