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Romatic thing your boyfriend did
Judge a Man Based Upon - Kiss

What's the most romantic thing your boyfriend/fiancÚ/husband has ever done for you?


As per your request -- a quick note on a wonderful gift...

For my birthday my husband arranged an "in-house" massage for 1.5 hours. It was wonderful!!!! Of course the neighborhood wife's were envious! My husband is a great romantic and gives me the best gifts. The massage was a real relaxing and enjoyable gift.

From a Happily married woman

The most romantic thing my husband's ever done? Probably wouldn't rank up there on most girls' lists, but...

I'm a freelance web developer/programmer and my husband is a java programmer. I contract at the same company he works at. One morning, I was in a horrible mood, and he ICQ'ed me this psuedo-program (go easy on him, this is the first thing even remotely resembling actual programming he'd ever done):

if ( giggle == "good giggle" )
else if ( giggle != "good giggle") {

public void repeatSmooch ( Integer numberOfSmooches)
throws smoochExcepton {

for ( smooch = 0 : smooch to numberOfSmooches : smooch ++ ) .

repeatSmooch( 1423 );

That's it, kids!

I used to have a dog. This dog loved me the most in the whole world. All you had to tell the dog .... was that mom was on her way home....... and he would sit at the window with his nose touching the glass.....just waiting for me......when I entered the house......the dog followed me jumping 5ft in the air behind me.......the most romantic thing my boyfriend ever did was pretend to be my dog when I came home from work......

Most UNIQUE Romantic Thing

Was to write out a msg, in gunpowder, on a nice piece of wood - had me open my eyes in a dark room, lit it and it spelled out the msg. This burned the msg into the wood. Then he lit a candle and presented me with the "instant" plaque. Yeah, I was impressed!

Surprisingly, one of the most romantic things my husband (then boyfriend) ever did was to whisper to me, in a very intimate moment "I could f*** you forever".

My boyfriend and I had been having "differences of opinions" lately, and I was really stressed out because of it. So when we finally got everything worked out, I had soccer practice and I didn't think I was going to get to see him on the last day of my Spring Break. So, about halfway through soccer practice, he shows up with a yellow rose and a big bottle of water, and then sat and waited on me in 85 degree heat for about an hour. We haven't had any trouble since then.

In response to your question what was the most romantic thing my partner has done.....WOW romance can come in so many forms, there is genuine romantic side in men and then there is the I want to be romantic for the moment side of men...Frankly there are many sides of men.....<and I like em all> yet the most romantic I think is when it is completely spontaneous and there is no hidden jesters involved then it truly hits the most romantic list...those are the best romantic things my partner has done....to be spontaneous ~ and at the same time to link it to something I enjoy or something we have enjoyed together....ah those are the best...

The most romantic thing he did was:  after making love, he held me so tight, that i thought my bones will brake, then he kissed me on my forehead...

The most romantic thing my boyfriend ever did was to come to my work in his sailor outfit. He's in the Navy, and I know that wearing it is a real pain, but the fact that he came in "courting" with flowers really made a good impression on my co-workers and especially the older women in the store, who no doubt relived their own WWII memories of decorated soldiers. So men, if you're in the military, use that uniform! Everyone in the office INSTANTLY knows that your girl has a beau, and will ask her about you the next day. Remember, if all her co-workers are interested in you and think you're cute, your gal will subconsciously go along with their feelings!