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Does Online Dating Really Work?

Online Dating is the biggest and best product to come out of the Internet…ever! There are millions of members worldwide and thousands more singles are signing up on a daily basis! But does this show that Dating Online really works?

Ok, so with millions of members worldwide your initial impression is that Online Dating Must work, other wise why would there be so many single men and women joining? And I would have to agree, that Dating Online does work, but there’s a catch (as always!)

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ORGASMIC KAMA SUTRA: In this article I will go over some of the positions and techniques from the Kama Sutra. You need an open mind before reading this article, Kama Sutra is a strange business. This ancient Indian book of passion lists literally hundreds of positions that were discovered to help both men and women please each other in every possible way. Let's begin with lying down positions...

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