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Weddings in Cyprus

Located close to one of the most scenic coastlines in Cyprus, Paphos has fast become one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. Not only is Paphos the mythical birth place of the goddess Aphrodite (the goddess of love), but it is also one of the hottest destinations for weddings. People from all over Europe have started planning their weddings in Cyprus and in particular Paphos. Not only are weddings in Cyprus legally accepted in most European countries, but weddings in Cyprus turn out much cheaper when compared to weddings in European countries like the UK and France.

From the Castle of Paphos to the 'Rock of the Greek' (birth place of Aphrodite) there is a lot to see and do in Paphos. Connected by a major motorway, The Paphos International Airport, and a Port, Paphos is easily accessible and is a truly world class destination. Most people were under the misconception that Cyprus and locations like Paphos could not provide modern facilities, and unfortunately never consider Paphos as a wedding destination until recently. The truth is that all modern facilities are available in Paphos and with the number of overseas weddings increasing every year, Paphos has constantly improved its facilities and services.

Overseas weddings come with their advantages; to begin with there is no frantic running around involved. Websites like skarvelisweddings.com actually offer complete wedding packages where people simply have to get the paperwork out of the way and the wedding planners take care of the rest. In addition, a Paphos wedding also allows wedding guests some quality time away from home, and it's not just the newly weds that enjoy the scenic locales and the wonderful surroundings of places like Paphos.

What make a truly memorable wedding are not just the wedding arrangements but the location also plays a vital role. A wedding in locations like Paphos will be remembered by everyone involved as they can also enjoy a wedding cum vacation. Apart from being on UNESCO's list of cultural and natural treasures of the world's heritage, Paphos was also the capital of ancient Cyprus. It is not uncommon for couples to wed in romantic locales that are situated near historical ruins or next to the beautiful beaches of Paphos.

Considered one of the most romantic destinations in the world, an overseas wedding in Paphos is extremely coveted. Since the Cypriot Pound is almost on par with the British Pound, the cost of a wedding is almost the same (if not cheaper, the taxes are higher in countries like the UK). In addition, couples can enjoy their honeymoon and wedding in the same place, thereby saving on needless travel expenses. For a couple looking to get married in a world class destination, Paphos is a place that has to be considered.

Paphos is a truly year round destination where the average high temperature can be a pleasant 16 degrees Celsius; Paphos is a destination preferred by people from both cold and hot climates. In fact, the weather is just one of the appealing things about Paphos. Popular tourist destinations in Paphos include the Castle of Paphos, originally built as a Byzantine fort to protect the harbour.

The Castle of Paphos has been rebuilt and dismantled over the ages and has housed famous historical personalities in its time. Ruins of elite villas from the Greek period still have their mosaic floors in tact and date back to the third and fourth century. A few miles away from the city, one of the biggest tourist attractions of Paphos, is the Rock of Aphrodite (also known as "Stone of the Greek") the supposed birth place of Aphrodite.

One of the biggest, most famous resorts in Cyprus 'Aphrodite Hills' is also located close the rock of Aphrodite. The temple of Aphrodite is a popular tourist destination also located in proximity to The Rock of Aphrodite. Resource Box http://www.skarvelisweddings.com is a one of the leading resources on the internet that caters to overseas weddings in Paphos, Cyprus.

George Georgiou is the author of this article on weddings in Cyprus. Find more information about Cyprus weddinghere.

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