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Single Dating and All That Jazz

Certainly being Single (either again or always.) holds challenges and rewards for everyone - Single Women and Single Guys - equally. There are a plethora of options available, from singles online meeting each other through chat rooms or dating websites (with questionable ages). to those all too often "single dating opportunities" presented by friends of good intention. So why is the option to meet local singles through social or dinner clubs such as Dinner for Six Perth still as popular after 15 years? Who better to ask than the members of Dinner for Six WA.

The excitement of the unknown - You don't know who you will meet at dinner! They don't know you, and therefore expectations can be non-judgemental and broadly based on style, presentation and conversation. Fear of competition - Everyone is equal and in the same situation - single and sociable! It comes down to "differences" in style, presentation and conversation - too dominant, too quiet, too opinionated? Sincere, a sense of humour, engaging, courteous and comfortable will get you the chance of a "second opportunity" to catch up. A mature situation - No bravado/blokey/mateship stuff! Fear of rejection - No hurt feelings or ridicule! A positive and supportive environment to learn or refresh the etiquette of dating and socialising, make the occasional gaff and possibly even question your motives, interaction between guests is non-threatening and hassle free - contact facilitated after the event. People outside your normal parameters - Differences can be exciting or challenging! Break away from friends and colleagues who have known you forever and expectations of how you should remain. You need to change your life - reinvent yourself. There are so many things to be doing, sharing and enjoying.

How else do you discover them, except by reading, talking and listening to people who are not in your usual circle? What do you have in common - Something must have you all at the same table? Conversation on an equal level - single, sociable and seeking same! Move out into the unknown, chat face to face instead of online, stretch your ability to communicate on a broad range of subjects and issues. Can you develop and address your awareness and opinions? Why is the person you have the least in common with so intriguing?? Friendships can last forever - Partners and Lovers may come and go! It's not just single women who appreciate and enjoy developing supportive friendships, networks, sports outings and even shared child-minding arrangements. What better way to share dating tips, learn/practice new skills and confidence than from the safety of appreciative supportive friendships. Not sure what sort of people do this - Real people, genuine, interesting likeminded Singles! Ladies not interested in "pick up lines" and lounge lizards. At dinner, everyone is equal.

Everyone has something to contribute, some maybe more outgoing, more confident, more travelled, more times married! Thankfully the atmosphere is respectful, not marred by boozy comments or behaviour, and on the best nights we get asked to leave the restaurant at midnight after plenty of laughs and shared stories.

Lynley Arnott is the principle of Dinner For Six, a business specialising in bringing singles together for social events and dining. She can be reached at www.dinnerforsixwa.com.au

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