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laying the foundation

A huge part of attracting and seducing a woman happens before the two of you even speak. I would say probably 90%! Women want certain things from a man, and it is your job to present it to them. Better than presenting certain characteristics is to actually be someone who has these characteristics! Call to mind the first step of the four part progression: Put yourself in her line of sight and show the traits she wants to see (Alpha male traits).

She has made up most of her mind about you before you ever speak to her. This is because women want an alpha man. They want a confident man.

They want a leader. Your body language will give you away every time. Keep in mind that it's easier to actually have confident body language than to pretend. So, how do you get it? You get by having a life.

You get it by pursuing the things that you are passionate about. You get it by having a well rounded life and a strong foundation. By having this strong foundation, women will be a consequence of your great life, not the reason for it. So, what are you passionate about? Why do you get up in the morning? Having a clear sense of who you are and what you want out of life is the start of a strong foundation. Be honest with yourself. It can be difficult to analyze yourself in this manner, but it is something you must do to start laying the foundation.

Do you want to improve yourself, or is getting dates what encompasses who you are? Women are a result of your great life. Paradoxically, this is less about women and more about you. If you are living your wonderful life you will attract more women than if women are the criteria of whether or not your life is great. I know I'm really harping on foundation and self-awareness a lot here, but it's because it's so crucial and is really a "deal breaker".

You need to master your inner game to truly succeed.

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