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Killer Dating Closing Techniques For Guys

You're talking, having a drink with her, what next. This is where a lot of guys screw up royally. They did all the cool stuff to make the girl feel at ease and not threatened. They got her to talk and open up to them. They are having a good time. How do you take this to the next level.

She needs to know where she stands. She may just consider you a potential friend ,whereas you consider yourself to be her future red hot lover. This needs to be cleared up right at the beginning.

The best way to do this is to move the conversation onto her and make it clear that you find her attractive and desirable. This is tricky stuff and you need to evaluate each situation on the merits of the preceding conversation. Say something like "Did I mention that I think you look absolutely lovely and sexy in that shade of blue/gray whatever" Girls are just as insecure as us guys and love to hear that they are sexy.

You have complimented her, shown that you are observant, and noticed that she is sexy. In a hidden sort of way, you have indicated your future intentions. this way you can get from chatting to asking for a date. If things went really swimmingly, you can say something like "If this wasn't a public place, I could ravish you right now" Just be aware that if you read her wrong, a bold statement like that can crash you so fast you won't know what hit you. If it does work, you have definitely moved into the fast lane in this relationship. Only if she doesn't start protesting or making excuses, do you move to the next step or close.

If she does not respond favorably, be aware that a friendship may very well be the only thing on the cards. If she responds with a smile and openness, do a test or two. Stroke her hair out of her face, brush her cheek, as if by mistake etc. She might even respond by touching your hand briefly, fluttering her eyelids or some such gesture.

All things being OK, its time to close. Usually this means getting a phone number, or a commitment to a date there and then. If you are really lucky, maybe you leave with her, go to another venue or such. Nonchalantly ask how you may continue this fascinating conversation, won't she put her phone number into your phone. Then try it right there and then. If she is interested, you will know, if not at least you won't be messed around.

If you are really confident, ask her to go with you and have coffee or a drink somewhere. If she says yes, you are on your first date and you take it from there. Following these tips above will do a few things for you. You will know where you stand one way or another.

If she messes around, you know not to waste time, and can focus your efforts elsewhere. If everything works out, you have efficiently moved yourself into the dating game Congratulations Casanova, happy loving.

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