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How to organise a stag party

If you have been honoured with the duty of being the best man, one of the most important considerations is the making plans of the stag weekend. Obviously the last thing you would want as the best man is to be overseeing a stag weekend that turns into a disaster, so here I shall offer a timetable countdown for arranging a stag weekend in a basic step by step process, that will make you the toast of the town: 1 Year before the stag weekend: Most people will normally have a year or mores notice about being the best man for a wedding, and although you may be tempted to think that you have ages of time to get things planned, you have to genuinely start now. At this stage you have to have a discussion with the groom and start drawing up a list of people that you would like to invite on the event. 8 to 9 months before the stag weekend: You have to now possess your list of possible people coming on the event, and have to have a discussion with the groom about possible destinations you may like to go to, and activities you may like to do during the weekend. 6 to 8 months before the stag weekend: You now have to have a rough idea of where you wish to go - overseas or in the UK, and a general idea of the activities for the weekend - i.e.

motorised sport, shooting activities, outdoor pursuits etc. Start by contacting a few specialist stag weekend organisers to obtain some specialist advice - there are a lot out there - just search google.co.uk for the term "stag weekend". When contemplating stag weekend companies specifically look for ABTA association, to ensure the companies legitimacy.

6 months before the stag weekend: Obtain a deposit from each of the member of the stag weekend - most companies will require a deposit to hold a booking for your stag weekend. 4 to 5 months before the stag weekend: You have to now possess all you deposits in from the group and have settled on what you are doing for the stag weekend. Reserving your place early will ensure that you get the activities you want and the finest value accommodation. At this stage send out the details of the stag weekend to all parties of the group, along with details of when you will require the remainder of the payment from the group. 2 months before the stag weekend: Usually most stag companies will require the full balance for the weekend 1 to 2 months before the event. You have to have the full balance for the stag weekend and ready to pay the company you are booking with.

On receipt of the balance you will be sent all the final details for the stag weekend. 1 month before the stag weekend: Send out the full details to all members of the stag weekend. You have to try and coordinate transport between any driver in the group. 1 week before the stag weekend: Send out a final notice to all the group and remind them to bring any special requirements such as specific clothing for activities etc. The day of the stag weekend: A final ring round to the main drivers of the group to ensure they are fully prepared. Ensure you have everything to stitch up the groom and have a fantastic time!.

Damien Green works at Chillisauce Ltd a company specialising in custom built stag nights. View chillisauce.co.uk for more info on stag weekend ideas and inspiration on stag do destinations.

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