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How To Bed An Horny Older Woman

1. Sit in the front row. You want Miss Hottie to notice you. Keep your eyes fastened to her rear end (her ass in plain English) 2.

Make eye contact. No matter how boring the words coming out of her mouth during a lecture, behave like you're entranced. 3. Act up frequently in class. Tutors who are open to flings with students are often closet risk addicts 4. Bring her a gift.

It can be cheap, but she'll appreciate the gesture. 5. After class, casually ask why she "looks so sad".

Then pretend to listen as she unloads about adult problems -- and hopefully, sexual frustration oriented ones. Nod sympathetically. 6.

Have a good book about seducing women handy. The really great ones are the ones that help you to identify who is a good target and when to make your move and how to do it. Many books tell you the 'What' and the 'Why', but that is of little (or no) use to you if you don't the 'How' and the 'When'. 7. Don't be pushy and act like you have never gotten laid before (even though you may not have). Just have it in your mind that she knows what you are after, it is quite clear, and she is giving you positive signals.

However, please remember that those positive signals need to be confirmed both verbally and in her actions. 8.Hit her up for a "educational" date, but look into her eyes , look over lips and her boobs as ( don't stare) women can tell what you are after quite easily.

It is all a game; you just can't come out and say 'fancy a quick shag?' (although there may be a few circumstances where that maybe appropriate), play the game, your body language will be telling her how much you would like to screw her. 9. Offer to pay -- even if it's only for a beer.

10. Then Go for it. Tell Prof you're crazy about her. 11.Now if she doesn't turn you down, you know that you are 'in ', or will be soon -go in for the kill with horny talk and all-she wants it so you better give it to her.

12. Finally show her what she'll be getting for the rest of the term. Give her the ride of her life! - You grades are sure to soar. Warnings ? Choose carefully don't just impulsively choose the wrong target or some-one who'll regret it afterwards.

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