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Dating after Divorce

People get used to being with a particular person, even when the experience is unpleasant. Therefore, to think in terms of dating or establishing a relationship with a new person can take some time. Off with the Old and On with the New Sometimes, the best way to get over someone is to start dating someone new. To cut oneself off from a normal social life and dating can only make one feel more lonely and morose. While one does not have to jump into a serious relationship headlong, it is healthy to start the whole dating process. To have an attractive date pay you attention and show interest can help regain self-esteem.

Post-divorce, many people are low on confidence and a new romance can build confidence. After a divorce, one could be bitter and wary of the opposite sex. This is all the more reason to begin dating again. One bad experience shouldn't scar one for life. One must learn from past mistakes and move on. Dating again will help a person meet people who are different and more caring than ex-spouse.

Second chances are windows of opportunity for a better life. The Right Time One cannot have a pre-conceived right time to start dating after a divorce. Different people have different personalities and different people divorce under different circumstances. The main thing is not to wallow in grief and become a loner. If a person finds they are cutting themselves off from any sort of social life, then that is definitely the right time to go out and start dating. On the other hand, to jump into some sort of serial dating mode immediately after getting divorced, is a bad idea.

Dating too soon can lead a person to repeating old mistakes, dating on the re-bound or being vulnerable in the new relationship. After a marriage breaks up, it is a good idea to take some "me time" and rediscover who you are. One can take up interests that one had no time for when married or catch up with old friends. Only when the confusion clears and there is a semblance of clarity, should one begin dating again. It is probably a good idea not to wait too long or start too soon. As long as one isn't jumping impulsively into anything new, any time is a good time for romance.

Meeting New People People have probably never had it better before, when it comes to social networking and meeting new people. To begin with, age-old stigmas attached to being divorced, no longer exist. Divorced people almost have equal opportunity as singles to meet new people. The best way to get back to the dating game is, to have friends introduce people. This is a relatively safe way as at least there is a fair amount of credibility attached to the new person.

Also, friends know exactly what one is experiencing post-divorce and will introduce only suitable matches. The Internet has opened up dating opportunities and is a great way to hook up with people from all over the world. Presumably being older, one will not fall into the dangerous traps that teenagers would. If one is prudent, one can meet people online and communicate online till one is fairly comfortable meeting the new person.

Joining a gym or a dance studio is a great way to get in shape and meet new people. One should not look at every new person as a potential candidate to date. Instead, meeting new people is a way of expanding one's social circle that might eventually lead to the right person.

Conclusion While a divorce signifies an end, it also is the beginning of a new life. One bad experience should not define the rest of a person's life. In fact, it is all the more reason why one should be open to a new romance that is more fulfilling and happier. There are also people who realise they are not cut out for marriage and prefer to live-in. A divorce should help a person realise better what they want from life and what kind of person they want to share it with.

Dating again is a sign that one has made peace with the past.

James Walsh is a freelance writer and copy editor. If you want to find out more about a solicitor managed divorce see http://www.managed-divorce.co.uk

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