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An Evening She Will Never Forget

The very fact that you are reading this article and starting to think about how to create a very romantic evening for your gal means you are on the right track. That is because the more you get ready, the better that romantic night will go. So by thinking the evening out step by step in advance, you are assuring the night will come off just like you want it to.

But for a lot of guys, coming up with the right ideas that you know will be a hit can be a challenge. The good news is that there are plenty of romantic people in this world who have lots of ideas for a great romantic date that you can pick their brains for free. For one thing, about every other movie Hollywood puts out is a romantic thriller or a romantic comedy.

So start now watching some of these films and making some notes. However, if you are clever, you can take those good ideas you get from Hollywood and make them great ideas. You can actually harvest right from the heart of your lover the kinds of Hollywood romance that gets her motor running just by paying attention. How many times have you had to sit through yet another romantic thriller or comedy with your gal? Well instead of just riding it out, take note when your gal gets emotional over the romance on the screen.

By making mental note of those glamorous movie moments she responds to, you can put together a pretty impressive list to use when you start planning the most romantic date ever to spring on your lover. Don't be afraid to keep some notes because the heart of giving her a romantic night like nothing she has ever known is to be completely creative and new in your ideas and to surprise her with your romantic plans. Be fearless in doing romantic things that are even completely new to you.

Whether that means wearing a tuxedo for a regular midweek date or singing her favorite romantic pop song to her perfectly as you ride in a carriage around the park. If it's a wonderful surprise and it shows her that you are full of feelings for her, it's going to make memories of this night that will last a lifetime. Of course, flowers are always an old standby and the flower retailers thank God for that. But even something tried and true like flowers can be used in a new way. How about you deliver the flowers yourself to the place you are going to eat.

Slip the staff a few bucks to put them aside and bring them out to the table completely unannounced with your card to surprise your gal completely. When she sees those long stemmed roses show up at the table and the looks of admiration on the other diners faces, her romantic ideal will have been fulfilled by you. During this most romantic night, you should make pleasing your girl your only reason for living. There are dozens of little things you will think of as the evening unfolds that will give her goose bumps simply because for these few hours, she is your princess.

Open the door for her, compliment her without ceasing, be a tiny bit jealous of all of her attention and let her know that her every wish is the law of the land for you. These are the things she will remember forever about this most special night. But a romantic night to end all romantic nights doesn't have to be expensive.

Just read the classified ads to see that for a woman, a walk on the beach, snuggling in front of the fire or watching the sun go down over the skyline are the kinds of special moments that will become long entries in her diary. But the most sure fire "secret" for giving your lover a romantic night is the one right under your nose. It's a little peek inside of you. If you give her an hour or two to really talk and share about your hopes, your dreams, what makes you laugh and what makes you cry and how much having someone to share you heart with means to you, that is the most romantic thing a girl can get.

And when she opens her heart to you, yes the passion will come and she will remember this night forever. But guess what, it is very likely to be the most romantic and meaningful night you ever had as well because it will be the night you and she fell in love with each other all over again.

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